Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Super Meat Boy!

Super Meat Boy (SMB) is a 2d platformer made by Team Meat. From what I've seen it looks awesome and it's going to be released in about 11 hours from this post. It's basically about a big block of meat who tries to save his girl friend "Bandage Girl" from the hands of Dr.Fetus. I doubt he has a PHD btw. Hes also a huge douche if you've seen him on his twitter. He somehow ninjas his way to Bandage Girl right when you reach her at the end of the level. SMB is very gory and filled with saws and death traps. He even leaves a trail of blood behind him where ever he goes. Theres a flash version here if you want to check it out and I definitely recommend you do because you will not regret it. SMB is coming out on PC, 360, Mac, and Wii.

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