Sunday 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again! Yes the one where you put on your costume and ask for candy, then empty your bowels from that piece of candy your mom told you not to eat. Say what? thats just me... oh, well then. Have a safe Halloween and get as much candy as possible. Stay away from those apples children! It's the one day it can actually bring you to the doctor. But no really have a safe and awsizzlin Halloween everyone and for people who don't have Halloween where they are, well that sucks for you. :D

Saturday 30 October 2010


NBA2K11 is a great game to play with friends and or family. You can team up with or against friends. You can play as the best in your game and is basically like other sports games. You can draft and make your own team or just pick a team and play against others. The graphics are great and you can see the players in great detail. Although the players look great the fans still looks like paper cut-outs. Maybe in future games they'll make the fans look a little more realistic. You can put yourself in Michael Jordan's shoes when playing this game. Relive Michael Jordan's career and his legendary moments.

Friday 29 October 2010

PlayStation Move

The PlayStation  Move may seem like the next best thing, but it is the downfall of Sony. I've tried playing it and it is nothing like the commercial. I know that it never looks like the commercial but it does not even work. When you play a game the controller lags all over the screen and you do not have an analog stick to move through options. It was the worst gaming experience in the world. Hopefully Xbox's Kinnect software which is going to be released in a couple of days will not have this problem. The only thing that attracted me to the PS3 Move is the little colorful ball at the end of the controller, and that is probably how Sony is planning to sell this awful device. Hopefully this is just a prototype. I think Wii set the standards for motion gaming.

Two new Medal of Honor DLCs coming!!!

The first DLC will include a new multiplayer elimination mode, called "Clean Sweep". This DLC will also include two new maps called "Bagram Hangar" and "Khyber Caves," and it will also have two redesigned maps (Diwagal Camp and Kabul City Ruins).

The second DLC will also include a new game mode called "Hot Zone," which is a king-of-the-hill style game. This DLC will also include two new maps called "Hindukush Pass" and "Korengal Outpost," and it will also so it will include two redesigned map versions of "Shahikot Valley" and "Helmand Valley".

Both DLCs will be out on November 2. "Clean Sweep" will be a free download and "Hot Zone" will cost 800 microsoft points or $9.99 on PSN and PC.

Thursday 28 October 2010

Xbox 360 vs. PS3

There has been a lot of controversy between the two consoles. In my personal opinion i like Xbox 360 better, but that's probably because my first console was the original Xbox. Many people like the PS3 for its blu-ray player and its great graphics and free online. Xbox 360 players like the great games such as the halo series, call of duty, and many more. This feud has been going on ever since the two have been out. I am not including the Xbox 360 250g, although i think it is amazing, I want you guys to comment and choose which one is better. In a week I will post and blog about whichever console gets the most votes.

Torchlight II

Runic Games has heard the cries from fans about Torchlight not having multipayer. Thats why instead of an update,  we get to buy another game! yay? Torchlight II is coming out 2011 with no specific release date at the moment. There's a little bit of gameplay about half way through the trailer here but there isn't much info about it except that they have now put in multiplayer, new classes, quests, and monsters. The first Torchlight is a great game and is still one of my favorites so I'll definitely be checking this one out when its in stores. As soon as I find more information about Torchlight II I'll do an update.

Check out Runic Games site here

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is an interactive game that has been keeping up to date with its users. Fruit Ninja has added many features to the game, and is still adding. They also send you news letters about what other applications they've released. Fruit Ninja has not only gotten positive comments and responses but has also sold over two million copies. It is not like other apps where you just play the same game until you get bored, the creators have created unlock-ables which give you a goal to strive for. That is not all they also have an online multi-player option. You can play with friends, or people around the world. There is no telling what is to come next from Fruit Ninja.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is one of Iphone/Itouch's most popular applications. They just released their new Halloween version and I recommend that you check it out. Doodle Jump is an addictive game and a fun way to compete with your friends and decide who's the best. This game is a personal favorite and i have been playing it since it came out and can not put it down. The best part of Doodle Jump is that it is incredibly simple and is the winner of  "The 2010 Apple Design Award for excellence in design, user experience, innovation, performance, technology, adoption, and quality." People have commented on the application and are saying that they play it more then they play the games on their consoles. Doodle Jump is definitely a must-get game.

Monday 25 October 2010

Looking for Modded controllers?

   Are you looking for a legit place to buy an xbox 360 modded controller? Well check out this site called Modz Armory. They sell really cool xbox controller shells, thumbsticks, stick grips, and LEDs. For their mods they have 8 modes for the following games: 
Mode 1: MW2 / Black Ops 
Mode 2: Dual Rapid Fire (all games)
Mode 3: COD4 / Black Ops 
Mode 4: ALL Games/ Halo Reach 
Mode 5: COD5/ Halo Reach
Mode 6: GOW1&2/ Halo Reach 
Mode 7: Dual Halo ODST 
Mode 8: Double Shot Burst

   They do a really good job on their controllers and they all look really cool especially with the LEDs added and the customized controller shells. So I think these controllers are worth for the money and I think think you will enjoy it very much if you get one. 

   So go check out Also you should go check out their stuff right now cause most of their stuff is on sale right now for great low prices. 

Saturday 23 October 2010

Donut Ninja

Donut Ninja is fast paced, simple, and just plain fun. You play as a bear ninja and throw donuts at what looks like...other bear ninjas. To satisfy the hunger we all have for donuts. It's addictive, fast, and best of all free. The thing is that it feels more like a mini-game then a whole game by itself. What it needs right now is some different game modes and a world ranking system because I'm sure we'd all like to see our names on a score board. Donut Ninja is definitely worth checking out though and like I said it is free and one more thing I love about this game is just the cute art style and the music that goes with it.

Friday 22 October 2010

Quick update on Black Ops

Today Activision has confirmed that there will be 15 prestige's in upcoming Black Ops, which is 5 more prestige's than MW2 and CoD4. But this time there will be only 50 levels per prestige instead of 70 levels from MW2 or 55 levels in CoD 4. So it looks like it wont take forever trying to gain those 70 levels like in MW2 which was a pain in the ass in my opinion.

So keep checking back here for any updates for any of the major upcoming game releases, as we will be trying to post everything we know about them to keep you guys updated.

Thursday 21 October 2010

Buck and the Coin of Destiny

Buck and the Coin of Destiny made by GameStop is based on their commercials where "Buck" as he is now known as, runs around in a 2-d video game world. The new game is on ipod touch and iphone available for 99 cents. I just downloaded this game a few minuets ago and I'm enjoying it. I remember when I first saw those commercials and the first thing I thought was "they need to make a game of that right now." And here it the palm of my hand. Now when I first played the game I thought they would have some competition because of the similarity to the popular game "Oven Break" another 2-d side-scrolling game. With the jumping and dodging and all... but it's definitely its own game. They even put in a story for you which I can't say much about since I just got to the second level and I just had to get up and post something for all of you. As far as I know Buck has to restore his former glory by getting the "coin of destiny." Thats as much as I know but if you wanna know more which you do click here for some more info on it.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Angry Birds being bought out?

Rumors are going around the internet today that Electronic Arts (EA) is going to buy Chillingo (company who made Angry Birds which is one of today's most popular iphone/ itouch games) for under $20 million in cash plus other undisclosed considerations. An EA spokesperson said that they had confirmed the deal, but did not disclose the financial terms. Even though EA has a good line up of mobile games including: Sims 3, EA Sports MMA, Madden NFL 11, and many many more; they are in the pursuit of buying out the most popular mobile games do to the fact that mobile video games are the top selling games in the video game industry at the moment. So even though EA is only buying out the company who made Angry Birds, the developers of Angry Birds is still going to own the game but will just be published as an EA game.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Super Meat Boy!

Super Meat Boy (SMB) is a 2d platformer made by Team Meat. From what I've seen it looks awesome and it's going to be released in about 11 hours from this post. It's basically about a big block of meat who tries to save his girl friend "Bandage Girl" from the hands of Dr.Fetus. I doubt he has a PHD btw. Hes also a huge douche if you've seen him on his twitter. He somehow ninjas his way to Bandage Girl right when you reach her at the end of the level. SMB is very gory and filled with saws and death traps. He even leaves a trail of blood behind him where ever he goes. Theres a flash version here if you want to check it out and I definitely recommend you do because you will not regret it. SMB is coming out on PC, 360, Mac, and Wii.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Finally Blizzard has launched the 4.0.1 patch A.K.A the Cataclysm patch for World of Warcraft players to test out the new expansion and to see whats coming our way for the new expansion.With many new changes about to happen to the World of Warcraft, we all hope that its for the better and not for the worst. In Cataclysm, this expansion is basically going to change the World of Warcraft in many ways: We will see new environments, new races (wargens and goblins), new instances and raid, more pvp/ battlegrounds, class changes, of course we will see that the level cap has been increased to level 85, and there are just many more exciting things that await for us in the new expansion. So get ready to pre-order World of Warcraft: Cataclysm as it will be released on December 7, 2010. Also check back here at this blog for more updates for World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion.

Monday 18 October 2010

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Rockstar is coming out with a new DLC for Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare is coming out just in time for Halloween featuring zombies, horses of the apocalypse, and many more exciting content. The new horses are Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. Each have their own affects and looks which will help kill those new zombies your going to have to deal with. With the addition of the explosive rifle in the previous DLC "Liars & Cheats" your going to be spilling blood more then ever.

Click Here for more info about the Undead Nightmare DLC

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