Thursday 21 October 2010

Buck and the Coin of Destiny

Buck and the Coin of Destiny made by GameStop is based on their commercials where "Buck" as he is now known as, runs around in a 2-d video game world. The new game is on ipod touch and iphone available for 99 cents. I just downloaded this game a few minuets ago and I'm enjoying it. I remember when I first saw those commercials and the first thing I thought was "they need to make a game of that right now." And here it the palm of my hand. Now when I first played the game I thought they would have some competition because of the similarity to the popular game "Oven Break" another 2-d side-scrolling game. With the jumping and dodging and all... but it's definitely its own game. They even put in a story for you which I can't say much about since I just got to the second level and I just had to get up and post something for all of you. As far as I know Buck has to restore his former glory by getting the "coin of destiny." Thats as much as I know but if you wanna know more which you do click here for some more info on it.

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