Saturday 1 January 2011

Medal of Honor

Its a bit late but I just got Medal of Honor for Christmas and so far its really fun. The campaign so far ( I haven't beaten it) is very well made and alot of fun. One of my favorite mission is when your on the helicopter destroying a small village I believe. As for the multiplayer it looks alot like Battlefield Bad Company 2, you may have heard its like BFBC2 and Call of Duty put together, well I'd say thats pretty accurate. Its more fast paced and the BFBC2 and has that free for all feeling of Call of Duty where you won't have to worry about team work. Something I've noticed though is that sniping feels harder then Call of Duty and BFBC2. I think its because the game feels more close quarters and sniping is harder to do because of it. Other then that the multiplayer is very fun unlike what I've heard. It was much harder starting the game, if you came from BFBC2 you might have thrown a few grenades trying to melee someone, the controls are different and I had a bit of a hard time getting used to them but it worked out later you just have to keep playing.

One of the things I've had alot of fun with is using the c4 or the IED and putting them on cars and setting it off when someone walks by. Play as the Taliban you might as fight like one right?

Gun Bros

Sorry its been so long since I made a post, You know the holiday season just takes p all your time. Well anyways I'm reviewing Gun Bros today.

Gun Bros is a "two stick" shooter for the itouch/iphone/ipad. Gun Bros like many other games is a free to play game but has many items where you can use real money to buy. This is something I have always hated since most of the time the prices for the in-game money are too high, but by far, Gun Bros is the most expensive of them all. You get much to little "War Bucks" (which is the form of currency) for the money you paid for them.You get 5 War bucks for $0.99 and to get any good weapons or armor you need at least 40 War Bucks. Other then the big rip-off Gun Bros is an extremely fun game, there are so many different weapons and armor to choose from you'll be trying to decide whether you want to save for the next one or buy the one you can get now. The "Bro" system allows you to change your second Bro to someone elses on your Game Center friends list so you can have two power houses taking down the room. Something I'd like to see in the next update though is having at least two players, because so far the only thing you can do is play with another persons Bro which is fun but multiplayer would be great.

Gun Bros is free in the app store but if you actually want some really good stuff you might find yourself buying more then you would have paid for the app itself. But its stiff free and its a great game I would recommend it to anyone.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -Vietnam review

The Vietnam expansion for Battlefield Bad Company was just released yesterday and its going strong so far. There is alot to love about the Vietnam expansion. For one, the music in the game really takes you back in time if you've been there. The maps all look great with alot of detail and are very well made, for example half of "Hill 137" is completely destroyed by what looks like fires and bombings. All the burning embers flying around make it really something to look at and it brings you in the world. The weapons are also well made, both looks and firing seem to fit the guns perfectly and the vehicles especially the HUEY are very fun to drive. Only one day out though and there are already a ton of glitches in the game. When I first started playing I had unlocked all the weapons already and was disappointed because I though you weren't going to earn them-you just got them. But I played again today and all of the unlocked weapons were gone and its back to stage one. This would be good if the XP you earn actually contributed to your level because as of now whenever you finish a game you start out in negative XP. The same amount you just earned so when it adds up its just a big fat ZERO. One last thing I have a problem with is that it seems like no map is good for sniping, its either to close quarters to snipe in or theres too much obstacles in the way.

Other then those problems the game is still great and I definitely recommend it. Its well worth your money and you'll have a great time playing it. 

Monday 20 December 2010

Battlefield Play 4 Free UPDATE

Ok so I finally got the Beta key for Battlefield Play 4 Free and its very laggy and buggy at the moment. Starting the game in full screen won't show the cursor and gets very frustrating. A simple solution for this problem is to start the game in windowed mode and when your in-game press Alt-Enter and you'll be brought to full screen. Other then that its just laggy sometimes but the game looks great and it really does feel like your playing a Battlefield game.  

Black Ops "First Strike"

Call of Duty Black Ops is going to have their first map pack "First Strike" on February 1, 2011. The new maps include:

Discovery - Antarctic German research station, abandoned from World War II. 

Kowloon – Inspired from the single-player campaign based off of Kowloon city in China. It's a rooftop map. 

Stadium – Hockey rink in northeastern United States. 

Berlin Wall – Takes place at Checkpoint Charlie. Is a battle between East and West Berlin. 

Ascension - Zombie map.

The "First Strike" map pack will be 1200 micosoft points and probably $15 for the ps3.

Thursday 16 December 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2

EA Games has just released Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad. The graphics are looking pretty good for an itouch game and it even feels like BFBC2 when you play it. There are a bunch of problems so far but I don't know if its just me. When ever I try to play campaign its crashes which is disappointing since I would really love to try it. The multiplayer if far too laggy for me to play well and I get connection errors every once and a while. I'm not sure if its just my itouch or what but I hope it gets fixed if its the game, and its possible since it just got released today. I really hope this is only a temporary problem because the game looks and feels great. Even the menu and music resembles that of the console one except the music is just a little bit different.

Right now the game is only $0.99! Get it while its cheap and you know a mobile version of BFBC2 isn't going to be the cheap forever. Even if it does have problems now I'm sure it'll get fixed ASAP and you can't turn down the price now.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Battlefield Play 4 Free

Battlefield Play 4 Free is a free to play FPS shooter. From what I've seen so far I believe it works like Combat Arms or Crossfire where there are servers to pick from and a store where you can buy weapons. The game is only in its beta stage and I haven't gotta key for it yet but as soon as I do I'll write more about it. The graphics aren't like Battlefield Bad Company but they're pretty good for a free 2 play FPS though. Its being made by EA so it does seem promising and maybe it can even be the next Counter Strike. So far I've seen tanks, helicopters, armored cars, and even a jet but whether thats playable I'm not too sure. Theres only a little bit of gameplay from the trailer in first-person and there isn't any HUD (heads up display) showing so there isn't much too see.
This will hopefully turn out to be a great game and if you want to try it go ahead and click here to sign up for a beta key, your going to have to wait for a while though.