Saturday 1 January 2011

Gun Bros

Sorry its been so long since I made a post, You know the holiday season just takes p all your time. Well anyways I'm reviewing Gun Bros today.

Gun Bros is a "two stick" shooter for the itouch/iphone/ipad. Gun Bros like many other games is a free to play game but has many items where you can use real money to buy. This is something I have always hated since most of the time the prices for the in-game money are too high, but by far, Gun Bros is the most expensive of them all. You get much to little "War Bucks" (which is the form of currency) for the money you paid for them.You get 5 War bucks for $0.99 and to get any good weapons or armor you need at least 40 War Bucks. Other then the big rip-off Gun Bros is an extremely fun game, there are so many different weapons and armor to choose from you'll be trying to decide whether you want to save for the next one or buy the one you can get now. The "Bro" system allows you to change your second Bro to someone elses on your Game Center friends list so you can have two power houses taking down the room. Something I'd like to see in the next update though is having at least two players, because so far the only thing you can do is play with another persons Bro which is fun but multiplayer would be great.

Gun Bros is free in the app store but if you actually want some really good stuff you might find yourself buying more then you would have paid for the app itself. But its stiff free and its a great game I would recommend it to anyone.


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