Saturday 1 January 2011

Medal of Honor

Its a bit late but I just got Medal of Honor for Christmas and so far its really fun. The campaign so far ( I haven't beaten it) is very well made and alot of fun. One of my favorite mission is when your on the helicopter destroying a small village I believe. As for the multiplayer it looks alot like Battlefield Bad Company 2, you may have heard its like BFBC2 and Call of Duty put together, well I'd say thats pretty accurate. Its more fast paced and the BFBC2 and has that free for all feeling of Call of Duty where you won't have to worry about team work. Something I've noticed though is that sniping feels harder then Call of Duty and BFBC2. I think its because the game feels more close quarters and sniping is harder to do because of it. Other then that the multiplayer is very fun unlike what I've heard. It was much harder starting the game, if you came from BFBC2 you might have thrown a few grenades trying to melee someone, the controls are different and I had a bit of a hard time getting used to them but it worked out later you just have to keep playing.

One of the things I've had alot of fun with is using the c4 or the IED and putting them on cars and setting it off when someone walks by. Play as the Taliban you might as fight like one right?

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