Wednesday 22 December 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -Vietnam review

The Vietnam expansion for Battlefield Bad Company was just released yesterday and its going strong so far. There is alot to love about the Vietnam expansion. For one, the music in the game really takes you back in time if you've been there. The maps all look great with alot of detail and are very well made, for example half of "Hill 137" is completely destroyed by what looks like fires and bombings. All the burning embers flying around make it really something to look at and it brings you in the world. The weapons are also well made, both looks and firing seem to fit the guns perfectly and the vehicles especially the HUEY are very fun to drive. Only one day out though and there are already a ton of glitches in the game. When I first started playing I had unlocked all the weapons already and was disappointed because I though you weren't going to earn them-you just got them. But I played again today and all of the unlocked weapons were gone and its back to stage one. This would be good if the XP you earn actually contributed to your level because as of now whenever you finish a game you start out in negative XP. The same amount you just earned so when it adds up its just a big fat ZERO. One last thing I have a problem with is that it seems like no map is good for sniping, its either to close quarters to snipe in or theres too much obstacles in the way.

Other then those problems the game is still great and I definitely recommend it. Its well worth your money and you'll have a great time playing it. 

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