Friday 10 December 2010

Veggie Samurai

Veggie Samurai may at first seem like a cheap knockoff of Fruit Ninja, and well it kinda is. Except its not a cheap one its actually really fun. When I first saw Veggie Samurai I just thought wow just a bad attempt to get money from another popular app. Until today where its free for a limited time and I decided to download it to see what its like. So far I haven't put it down, its extremely addicting and very well made with nice looking graphics it being just food anyways it wouldn't really matter. Veggie Samurai has many different game modes to keep you interested including Samurai, Harmony, Chaos, Sort, Match, and Training each having a different goal to keep you playing. It also has rewards you for doing combos like cutting 3 or more with one cut and others like that.

Over all Veggie Samurai is a great game even though its not exactly original its definitely well made.
If your thinking about getting this then I suggest you get it now because it free right now but not for long so get it while you can.

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