Thursday 16 December 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2

EA Games has just released Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad. The graphics are looking pretty good for an itouch game and it even feels like BFBC2 when you play it. There are a bunch of problems so far but I don't know if its just me. When ever I try to play campaign its crashes which is disappointing since I would really love to try it. The multiplayer if far too laggy for me to play well and I get connection errors every once and a while. I'm not sure if its just my itouch or what but I hope it gets fixed if its the game, and its possible since it just got released today. I really hope this is only a temporary problem because the game looks and feels great. Even the menu and music resembles that of the console one except the music is just a little bit different.

Right now the game is only $0.99! Get it while its cheap and you know a mobile version of BFBC2 isn't going to be the cheap forever. Even if it does have problems now I'm sure it'll get fixed ASAP and you can't turn down the price now.

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