Wednesday 8 December 2010

Ultra Deep

Ultra Deep is a very addictive doodle art styled game. You basically drop down while trying to avoid obstacles that kill you. You goal is to get as deep as possible and collect as much diamonds as you can which you can use to but items and various upgrades. The art style is like the one in the popular games doodle jump, it looks like a piece of paper and someone just drew on it which I think looks great. You will find it very addicting just trying to get as many diamonds as you can and going deep and deeper but that when it starts to get a little bit boring. I went down so deep (hoping the background will change again as it has done before) that I actually wanted to die because its just been so long I didn't even want to play anymore. That is the one big problem, it just doesn't get any harder and once you got it down then it become too easy. One more problem is that it takes forever to collect enough diamonds to get something you like, most things cost 2,500 and you have to collect each individually. At this point you realize its a way they can easily make money. You can get 5,000 for just 99 cents and 15,000 for $1.99. It just takes too much time to collect that much and thats why it seems so cheap for so many diamonds.

Over all its a great game and I really recommend it especially since its free now for a limited time so grab it while you still can.
You can click here to check it out. 

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