Monday 13 December 2010

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope looks like the next hottest game for the itouch/iphone platform. This is very channeling but also pretty simple at the same time. You basically have a little cute looking ummm..thing named "Om Nom" that only eats candy. What you have to do is cut ropes, pop bubbles, and blow air to get the candy to your pets mouth. The more challenging part is that there are 3 stars and you don't need the get them but they get harder and harder to get with each level. To get three stars on the level you actually have to collect all 3 stars which is sort of a new concept since most games give you stars based on how you did on the level. Cut the Rope is a great combination of puzzle, which seems to be lacking in alot of puzzle games.

Right now there is a holiday version of "Cut the rope" and is totally free as the word gift implies. Its a very well made game and if you really enjoy this holiday gift then you should get it for a cheap price of only $0.99 like most of the best apps there are.

Click here to go to the site and learn more if my great writing skills haven't convinced you to get this yet.

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