Friday 5 November 2010

9000 BC

9000 BC is a tower defense type game. So far I've been playing only the free version but it's a great game and its very addictive. 9000 BC's art style is very unique and colorful. The game looks like it's a cave painting with simple and ancient looking beasts and monsters. You play as what looks like, well, someone from 9000 BC! Wearing nothing but a orange loin cloth as far as I can see. Enemies come from the right of the screen and you have to use spears to take them down, but thats not all. As you kill enemies you get shells which you can spend on health, monstrous allies, and even elements given to you by the gods for help. You can feed the dead to a volcano and when its full you can press down on it have it spew lava to destroy your enemies or make a cloud shoot lighting randomly on to the field. There are a lot more powers but being that I have only the free demo I don't know much about the rest. 9000 BC is available on the iTouch/iPhone and I recommend you try out the free version and see if you want to pay for the full version.

You can check out the games site here.

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