Tuesday 16 November 2010


Radiant is a 2-D retro styled strangely familiar game for the iTouch and iPhone. It's played using two simple controls, just touching the left or right side of the screen. You're playing as a spaceship and automatically fire since there isn't an easy way to move left and right annnd press fire. Its alot like the good ol' Space Invaders but more up to date, and they had to good sense to keep the pixelated graphics which everybody loves. A few things I don't like though is the beginning is pretty slow and takes a while to get some good action going. You have to wait until you can get upgrades too which you have to buy when you get to a part in the game thats lets you shop. They should at least make it so every once and a while some upgrade will come from a killed enemy and last for a few seconds. Other then that it's a great game and its free so you should give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

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