Tuesday 30 November 2010

Runes of Magic: The Treasures of the Desert

Today is the release of Runes of Magic (RoM) new patch 3.0.6, "Treasures of the Desert." The new patch will include the following: a new region called, Limo Desert, level cap increased to 62, new gear, and of course many new quests. There will also be a new dungeon called Kawak's Tomb that will be deep under the sands of Limo Desert.

There will also be a new public battle that will be begin in this patch as known as the Yasheedee Catastrophe, and will be available across all servers. In this new battle you will have to conquer over some aggressive foes in a four phase fight. The first phase of the fight you must use special ropes to capture a horde of nasty worm like creatures. The second phase will challenge you to put as many Resonance Stones as possible in the right place (The more stones the easier it is in the later phases). Then in the third fight you will face a boss called Hardskin Yasheedees and for the fourth phase you fill fight Crimson Devourer, which is a very hard boss.

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